Friday, June 29, 2007

...dances with bees.

I like the idea of communication by dance.
The world would be a funnier place.

The world would be a lot thinner.
TV chat shows would be worth watching.
You would not fall asleep in office meetings.
It would be great to work in a call center.
Wiggling my arse at my boss in the morning to say " Hi " would be a bonus.

World peace brought to you by the international language of dance.

....oh well , pity I can't dance.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

....perils of going away...and then coming back.

Returning to work after travelling for a while is akin to an after trip to hell.
Ok we miss out the ferry ride across the river Styx. The Ferryman has taken a quick left turn at the photo copier , bypassed the tea room & dumps you straight to the 'IN' tray. The sound of soon to be dead companions ringing in your ears.
Either by Divine design , timing or just because it amuses my colleagues the 'IN' tray is buried.
Imagine a modern day Pompeii, a pyroclastic paper flow & only a few less buried bodies.

It appears that a holiday is now an excuse to be opportunistic & offload awkward work onto those not present to defend them selves.
My state crashed from relaxed, calm to frantic gibbering, mixed with periods of numbness & involuntary drooling all within the space of a few days as I pick up the pieces of delegated tasks ignored, schemes unchecked & new projects slipped slyly in to my domain.

Well, I have a long & particularly vicious memory , & these things do work both ways.

....of course this is my excuse for not drawing much at the moment.