Sunday, April 13, 2008

...Window sill theatre

The Shadow fleet sets sail across the window sill

and discovers the new world

The native folk curse the fleet & drive them from their shores.

The fleet runs...

,but fate is note kind & serves an ill wind.

All is against them.

Destruction inevitable.

The native folk cheer & celebrate with a nice cup of tea.

...Window sill theatre; the last bastion of the slightly insane.

Monday, April 07, 2008 far so, so good , so what ?

Well the stats so far. (and please excuse me for being abit of a stats geek)
It seems that I have 20 common subjects for cartoons plus a big pile of random ones which are unclassified

These being :

1) Sheep 74 No
2) Fruit & veg 27 No
3) Randy (a rather violent bear) 4 No
4) Colin (a rather violet elephant & part time caped crusader) 10 No
5) Aliens 19 No ( not as many as I thought considering they are all around us. Or maybe its the government probing me) 19 No
6) Harrold ( a rather violent chap with a small furry creature fetish) 3 No
7) Ducks chickens & penguins (quack , cluck & skibardeedoo) 26 No
8) Zombies (oddly not rather violent) 7 No
9) Movies (hmm, mostly abridged versions of films) 9 No
10) Monsters (yay) 29 No
11) Sea life & death ( its a rather violent place, wet too don't ya know.) 19 No
12) Sailing ( I should try it some time) 41 No
13) Bugs (you cant make an anagram of this one) 24 No
14) Cat, mouse & kittens (Awww, cute :O) ) 21 No
15) Polar , panda & assorted bears (Your never more that 2 meters away from one) 20 No
16) Mr Death (The cheeky chap) 5 No
17) Ego, I & Id (me me me me me me me) 24 No
18) Cows ( Don't trust em) 11 No
19 ) Video games ( beep) 6 No (beep)......(beep)
20) Space doubt ( I am & I have) 11 No

The tally as it stands is 470 cartoons online. (which doesn't match the number by a long way in my books)
Now Flickr reckons my stream has been ogled 22,266 times since I started it which considering it was on the banned & blacklisted list I guess isn't so bad.
The first one uploaded Jan 18th 2006 & the last one today.
I still don't have a scanner and am grumpy

Oh and my book had some limited appeal, but was discontinued when it was found to block the u-bend.

So hence the cartoon , I think I deserve a cup of tea.

I like tea.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

...rescue services. What's that Timmy ?

I'd like to think Tonto would have saved them all, but as we know he was allergic to dog hair, located in the wrong hemisphere for kangaroos, hadn't had a CRB check; therefore was barred from working around children and frankly had racial issues with his long time colleague Mr The Ranger. Despite working as a team for many a year he couldn't grasp why the arrogant ,self important swine still insisted on being called Lone.