Monday, June 23, 2008

...scribbles & doodles

Cartoons & doodles scribbled on scraps of paper & 'post it' notes.
My work drawers seem to be full of these little bits of paper

One of my works projects. The main contractor has actually built the building 6 inches to low. Problem is its the underground car park level that's too low.
The other 3 levels have been built on top allready . Bit of a cock up all in all.

It will happen one day.


I truely can't remember whether this was going to be about flightless birds or general migration

This one actually made it to redrawn cartoon form somewhere along the line

Apple-blossom Annonymous.

Not sure which one is Dennis yet though.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

...the tin-ternet

It used to be that kids would play with old tin cans and bits of string as toys. Tin can telecommunications.
They all have mobile phones now.
A couple of tin cans and some string made a good pair of stilts.
Well how can that compete with the latest mountain bike as transport?
Most of the group games I had as a kid involved a can that needed to be kicked or knocked.
Oh ....and what endless hours of fun I had with string.

Any way its my theory that such things have passed from childish games & is why we have such an excess landfill problem.
Blame progress I say ! ......