Wednesday, December 20, 2006

...bipolar debates & christmas carols

Bipolar debate

Singing for supper.

As with Douglas Adams' book 'Last chance to see'
I'll highlight Polar bears as an endangered species & then make jokes about them.

Well they say global warming shall soon deprive the polar bear of its habitat.
Well that s not strictly true. The habitat will still be around,..... just a little more fluid & widespread.

I would suggest a pair of water wings & a training programme for each bear interested .


OldHorsetailSnake said...

You suppose Manhattan will float, too? Might come to that....

Anonymous said...

The environmental point is so well made I choose to ignore the fact that polar bears and penguins occupy opposite poles. ;-)

I'm worried what Santa's gonna do when the pack ice disappears!

sim said...

I suspect Santa will have to take his whisky neat if this occurs.

Also every one knows polar bears often fly south for the winter as part of their annual migration.

Hoss, we can only hope it does'nt. ;O)

John Cowart said...

Hi Plutos,
Although I seldom comment, I check out your site almost every morning before I start work. Your photos and drawings have given me great pleasure.

This morning, (Dec.22nd) I posted a brief review of your work on my site and encouraged folks who read my stuff (all four of them) to pay your site a visit.

Thank you for giving me so many smiles on bleak days.

sim said...

Thankyou John,
Im being a bit slack at the moment, I hope to sit down an post a little more frequently than I have been of late .

Too many shinny things, so little time ;o(