Monday, April 16, 2007

...inner old fart.

I am perplexed and despair at the thought processes behind modern western culture.
Specifically here in the UK.
The fact that it is acceptable and more annoyingly encouraged to live beyond your own means.
The culture of 'must have' the latest status symbol at any cost baffles me.

It may be because I am pretty non materialistic or that I am becoming an old fart.
I strongly suspect it to be the latter.


Flat Out said...

woo hoo. the sheeps is back!

i'm gonna get me one o' they hats too.

everyone in thetford is wearing them, i hear...

Anonymous said...

...its called an iHat

It's a status cymbal. :O)

Miss Cellania said...

I didn't even know yo were in the UK!

Penny M said...

Do you suppose that if anyone could have anything they wanted, materialism would vanish?