Wednesday, September 05, 2007

...inspiration from genius

I get odd inspiration from all sorts of places , people , odd remarks , twisted sentences & situations.
I think because I have been so busy of late I've been ignoring people & blanking out all thats going on around me. Inspiration has become dry.

When I started out drawing as a young teen, I discovered the wonderfulness Rhoald Dahl &
René Goscinnys' stories, Albert Uderzos' energetic drawings, the surreal situation humour of Gary Larson, the moralistic yet strangley sinister humour of Hilair Beloch .
I like to think there is still a little bit of all of this rolled up in my scribbles along with an unhealthy mix of my dry, sarcastic & strange outlook.

When I stopped drawing in my early twenties it was because I became distracted, became too busy, ignored everything around me.

I achieve a new awarness of new things surrounding me a few years ago. My situation changed. I Started drawing again. With new sources of inspiration.

Im hoping my distractions are not starting change things back again.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

For heaven's sake, change nothing. You are too good a cartoonist to backslide now!!

Anonymous said...

If you must change something, then change scenery or socks, but never your art. And it is that, dear Sim, even if I don't visit as often as I should. Been a little distracted myself, as you might have read....heh heh.