Monday, December 31, 2007

...2008 first editions

Yay, my first book !

Started my new year off with a smile when I found the delivery note this morning :O)


Anonymous said...


Where can I buy a copy?

Anonymous said...

Cool :-)

Hale McKay said...

Woot! Way to go. Congratulations. A very nice way to start offff the New Year.

sim said...

:O) ,

I only had half a dozen copies made up so I could give them away as Christmas presents.
They just came a little too late for that though so I'm sort of stuck with them for now.

But I'm really pleased , as books they came out quiet well. Beyond my expectation.

Plus, I just realised its my two year Blogger aniversary that just passed. Which is one of the reasons I started drawing again in the first place.

Flat Out said...

looks fantastic - congratulations!