Wednesday, January 23, 2008

...captions wanted

Every now & again I like to leave a cartoon open for folk to write a caption.
This one was odd enough for just that.

Some already done here from Flickr
(Probably a silly thing putting a link to navigate away when I'm asking for a caption to be left)

1) "Harrold just could'nt manage a third board in a muinite"

2) "Harold was getting increasingly frustrated with both the bit of lamb stuck in that annoying interdental place and Trevor's inability to just wait a flaming minute."

3) "...and thats how Harrold discovered he was allergic to board wax."

4) "Harrold was glad he hadn't bet on how many boards he could stick up his nose."

5) "Harold had been so sure that he'd seen Rolf Harris get a tune out of one."

6) "Harrold tests the new one minute tounge piercing kit."

7) "Man that cuttlefish was hard! Harold had discovered a whole new level of respect for budgies."

8) "Now just plus one of these under the tounge for a minute, until fully dissolved"

Harrold tries a new cure for wind.

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Miss Cellania said...

Thank God time's up! Now can you finally help me get my teeth unstuck?