Tuesday, February 05, 2008

...wooly excuses

My top 13 excuses

Sorry I don't have a phone. (Im anti social . Leave me alone)
Sorry I don't have a telly (No really; I don't want to talk Soap Operas with you , go away)
Oh dear. I think I'm booked to run a course that day (I really dont want to go out)
Oh; I don't use that e-mail address anymore ( Saw your e-mail , couldnt be bothered to answer it)
Hmm, not sure my car will last that journey ( No I won't give you a bloody lift)
I couldn't find it ( I just couldn't be bothered to look)
What ? , I like my hair long (Really can't be bothered to get it cut)
Oh , I thought that was on the 12th (Bugger, I plain forgot your birthday)
I like my old car (ok , so I'm too tight to buy a new one)
I didn't do it (Thanks Bart Simpson, you found the ultimate excuse for all things)
Sorry, but I dont like you (Opps I put sugar in your tea)
Oh, that's your cat, I thought that was the cat that has been urinating in my garden for the past year. (I ran over your cat repeatedly in my car, oops)

Well I like to blog rubbish you know (My sanity is slowly slipping away)

1 comment:

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Those are the best excuses I ever read. You're not slipping away: You are getting smarter and smarter.