Monday, July 21, 2008

...1969 moo shot.

The US government in association with the National American Space Agency did, until recently classify the following as highly top secret.

It was noted upon the first moon landing that the bovine population had been performing a ritual "Lunar vault" for some considerable period prior to 1969.
During the harsh climate of the cold war, the mechanism for this was valued & sort after as eagerly as was the cover up to save face. The technical embarrassment the agency would face by being outwitted by cows would not be tolerated & would be seen externally of the United States as a weakness of industrial & scientific power. "If an English cow can do it, so can a Ruskie cow dammit !"
During the subsequent investigation several musical felines were interviewed with regard to their suspected involvement within what became known as the "Moo shot".
A small dog was questioned, but only found amusement in NASA's lack of headway in researching the phenomenon.

This information has leaked & the government official line is that this is "conspiracy theory, conjecture & bull"
Unofficially the investigation still goes on to no avail.
The only circumstantial evidence a few well charred burgers allegedly tracked upon atmospheric re-entry.
The cow trail seems to have gone cold.

(NASA are also curious as to the disappearance of the canteen cutlery)

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