Friday, August 15, 2008

...Fantasy Football :O(

Well I was asked at work if I wanted to contribute a team to the new Fantasy Football League season. (do I have to say Soccer ?)

Well being the person least interested in football in the world bar none, this was the team I arrived at.

Not sure they are going to accept it , but well give it a go.

After all it is a fantasy League. :O)

Name : Jabba the Hutt.
Club : The Tatooine Crime Lords
Position : Goal keeper
Cost : 3 slave girls

Iv'e chosen Jabba for his obvious athletic prowess & keenness to keep everything that approaches him.
Filling the goal mouth is a bonus as is the consumption of pitch invaders.

Name : Duke Nukem
Club : The highest bidder
Position : Right Back (in the thick of it)
Cost : 1 small planet.

The duke is in here for a big sweeping defence,
to kick arse & chew bubble gum .
Come get some !

Name : Daddy Bear
Club : Forrest
Position : Center Back
Cost : Hot Porridge & 3 picanic baskets

The biggest of the Three bears. Daddy bear will bring some stability the rear defence.

Name : Big Billy goat gruff.
Position : Left Back
Club : The Grimm Reapers
Cost : Bridge Toll

Notably the biggest of the Billy Goats Gruff
Defensively nothing gets past him. Good with his head as well as his feet. He will bridge any defensive gap & troll around the park relentlessly .

Name : Billy Whizz
Club : Beano
Position : Right Wing
Cost : 10 pence

Super fast Billy Whizz, the right wing belongs to him
....and that's just his political views.

Name : ScrappyDoo
Club : Mystery Inc.
Position : Center Midfield (and of attention)
Cost : Scoobysnacks

ScrappyDoo, a bit controversial. Never a popular one with the crowds. Scrappy has been included because I wanted a little terrier in the midfield. Not afraid to take on the opposition. Never the underdog, despite his size or his ego.

Name : The GingerBread Man
Club : The Bakers Dozen minus two.
Position : Left Wing
Cost : Chocolate buttons & kisses.

Ginger is in here for one reason.
He will run & run as fast as he can , you'll never catch him. He's the Ginger bread man.

Get the ball to him & it's game over for the opposition.

Name : Animal
Club : Muppet City
Position : Attacking Midfield
Cost : Drum sticks

I would give this chap the Captains job.
Bringing a calm & cool head Animal Is a clear leader, adding some rhythm to the team.
He will also beat any opposition to a beat too. !

Name : Asterix (The Gaul)
Club : The fighting Gauls
Position : Striker
Cost : 1 wild boar.

He may be small , but every now & then Astrix can add just that little bit of magic to a game .

Name : Desperate Dan
Club : The Comic Dandies
Position : Center Forward.
Cost : A cow pie

I've chosen Dan here for one reason only.
He's the strongest man in the world . Nuff said.

Name : Chewbacca
Club : The rebel alliance.
Position : Striker
Cost : I didn't understand what he said.

Bit of a sore looser is our Chewey. He has been chosen up front for his height, his superb positioning around the box & his ability to rip off the heads of the opposition.

So beat that you bunch of overpaid , blouse wearing so called professional sportsmen.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

It's your country. Say football if you want.

Nice group of peeps, there, Sim. I think with my cow pie I may have a bid....

Anonymous said...

Tch, all these foreign players! What about home-grown talent!