Monday, November 24, 2008

...cold or mildly tepid ?

We went sailing as planned this Sunday past.
The weather was not entierly planned, although it was taken on as a challenge.
(Well no one was backing down anyway)

Couple of things I've learned now about sailing in a snow storm.

1) The boat fills with snow
2) The bailers designed for the slightly more fluid version of water don't work with snow.
3) Which ever tack you are sailing on is the side of you that will form a small snow drift.
4) You always appear to be sailing into the stuff, even when sailing down wind.
5) It's quite cold on the ears.
6) Its quite cold on the toes.
7) It's best not to put your feet into the water.
8) Sailing into snow & eye glasses are the best combination.
9) Falling in the water no longer becomes a trivial option.
10) Hot tea is quite nice.
11) Your popularity wanes a smidgen if you forget to turn the heating on in the changing rooms.


Fluffy Pink Duck said...

Nuts but the kind of nuts that make this country great. :)

sim said...

We all know you don't get true nuts in May.