Wednesday, January 14, 2009

...muck n fuddle

What's the point in trying to explain to your work mates the thousand reasons you're late for work ?

Ok , I'm late for work.
My car is broken,
I cant mend it because there's not enough light to see
There's no light to see because Iv'e had to get up too early.
Ive had to get up too early so I can try to make it to work on time
...because my car is broken.

So mend it this evening ?

There's not enough light to mend it
, because by time I get home it's dark
Why go home when it's dark you ask ?
,because I'm trying to make up time for when I was late this morning.

...and yes , I was late because my car is broken >:O(

...and so on. Repeat for several days until it's the weekend.

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