Thursday, September 28, 2006

...mispent youth.

Somthing a little different.
I found some old sketches in one of my mothers cupboards, about two dozen from about 1984 to 1986

I have changed some of the notes , my hand writing at 14 was appauling.
I appear to have added "dewhurst", the family butchers at the bottom of the cliff.
This is what made me smirk at this one.

So this would have been about the time Ronnie Regan started playing silly buggers with the eastern block.

This is sort of what dated the bunch for me. Not Sly Stones best film ever.

He he he , sheep skates.
What no red booties.!

My version of the prisoner I suppose. Made me smile though.

My chemistry teacher. Odd fellow.

First red boots spotted in 1985. Woot.
Odds & sods, probably when I stopped drawing & had my 12 year sabatical.

Conclusions :-
a) I mis-spent some of my youth.
b) I was an odd child.
c) I spent to much time thinking about sheep.
d) Iv'e not matured that much.


Anonymous said...

Go away for a few days and straight away somebody is rummaging in your cupboards

sim said...

Yep, found my really old microscope too.

...and not rumaging, looking for somthing specific befor you cleared the room & threw everything away.

Anonymous said...

Those were some good oldies but goodies.

Heartful said...

I see your sheep preoccupations go way back! Anyway, as the person above said, they may be oldies, but they are goodies.

Miss Cellania said...

I might be a misspent youth in YOUR evaluation, but you always drew right well!