Monday, October 02, 2006


Good for Doris.
I'm all for the 'do some thing that scares the hell out of you' each day attitude.
If only I could afford it.


Anonymous said...

I was gonna pull you up for (almost certainly unwittingly) copying the great Gary Larson.

But a little research showed me that actually I was thinking of a sketch he did that was only published in an anthology (that I own) as an example of an idea that never reached fruition. Just a case of great minds thinking alike. :-)

sim said...

Oh bugger. That's twice thats happened now.
I can assure all it's not done knowingly.
Just proof that original thought is now impossible.

Stupid thing is it was going to be the two of tham gambling, Doris Dices with death, but I got bored half way through drawing.

So now I have to go read every book ever written

Anonymous said...

Yes, you do.

Chop chop!


Anonymous said...

I think I did this very thing in 1992, and ended up with a hangover, a painful ass, and for some reason, three pieces of coal by the bed. Hmm.

Heartful said...

Death don't know what hit him.