Monday, January 29, 2007

...socially acceptable bad behaviour.

The odd thing is this. My scribbles always seem to have a dark , slightly violent streak behind them.
Things always being chase, eaten, threatened or otherwise buggered in some way or another.
Strange, because I am the archetypal pacifist. The one who , apart from the odd outing on a rugby park, would not say "boo" to a goose or even take on Elton John in a bare knuckle fight.

Maybe it's my way of letting my frustrations bubble to the surface. If so I'm not too worried about it.
Im more concerned that I do not get more complaints about some of the things I scribble down.
It's obvious that violence is more acceptable in current society, (western anyway), but why should it be.
And now I'm here makeing my own contribution to further the slide downward.

As for the cartoons. Well, my scapegoat lays with Tom & jerry. Subject to the onslaught as a child along with millions of others , over a sustained and prolonged period.
They are to blame for the downfall of western civilisation as we know it.

....& Bugs buny had a hand in it too.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

.....So saith Elmer Fudd.

John Cowart said...

And don't forget Roadrunner.

You follow and promote a strong and noble tradition.

sim said...

Hoss, Elmar was dreadfully misguided and was in dire need of some phychoanlytical therapy for his Wabbit bloodlust. Anger management issues & an incurable speech impediment were; in my eyes; just side issues.
Which is a shame , because I otherwise liked old Mr Fudd, a good advert for the active, outdoors life.

John. As for the Road Runner, well I must hold him , Tweedy pie, Bugs & Colonel Gadaffi in simular low regard. Not the perpitrators of direct & sustained violence, but the instigators who would goad their hapless counterparts into wanten acts. Provarication & mental bullying. No wonder I've been taught poor social morals.

Curse you television ! (shakes fist at sky)


Miss Cellania said...

One day, the cheese bit ME back, and I was in bed in pain for three days!