Tuesday, February 27, 2007

...Boston rubber duck party.

"So what kind of Political statement does this make then? , eh !" Sam exclaimed.
"Sorry Sam, we were fed mis-information. A mistake. Honest Indian", came Georges' shifty reply
"Mis-information !, Mis-information! How ever is it going to look if we make rash decisions based upon hear-say, flim flam & poor intelligence ?"
"Well, we hadn't considered that , I guess the information suited our need" , George mumbled as he looking at his feet, trying to hide his smirk.
"I'm sorry mate";Sam balled "but you can't just waltz onto someones property ,destroy goods & claim it was all for the good of the nation without any hard and fast reliable source of information to back you up. How ever will history view that ? Tsk"

Sam stomped of to have a cup of tea & a sit down.


Anonymous said...


Did you know that there's at least one flotilla of rubber ducks floating out in the deep ocean? They were lost from a cargo container.

Oceanographers use them to track ocean currents. True!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I wonder if George knows what "tsk tsk" means....

Anonymous said...

Becky , I think you may have told me this before & Im sure I may have asked why rubber ducks are A) made of plastic not rubber & B) Yellow , when chicken chicks are yellow , not ducks.

Hoss , im sure young Goerge has come accross enough moral opposition to get understand the rub of it . :O)

Hale McKay said...

Living in Boston area, I find this particularly funny.