Monday, February 05, 2007

...seasonal switch.

(When I have nothing to say I blog. The anti-DesCartes. "I don't think, therefore I blog".
So back to silliness then.)

Watching a squirrel today & wondering a) Should it be awake this time of year ? b) whats so urgent that it needs to run everywhere?
Came to this conclusion based on the evidence.

Squirrels :-
a) Often unreasonably hyperactive & odd behaviour.
b) Known to bury the odd stash here & there.
c) Flakes out & sleeps for prolonged periods.
d) Wakes up with the munchies.

Is this the behavioral pattern of your typical Junkie ?

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Jean&Vic said...

This has a very Monty python flavor to it. MMMMM tasty.