Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I wish blogger were a Panda, & I could poke it with a stick.
Something that was black & white & that although slow might respond.

,but no, it's not.

They tell me to switch to the new improved version.
This strips all my HTML rubbish that I've added & then forgotten how to replace.
When I try to paste it back, it throws errors at me.
No matter how I prod It won't do what it used to.


(Where my stick?)


Greg said...

Ah! You've "upgraded" have you?

sim said...

Yes , & Its cocked every thing up.
My old code won't run for some dumb reason, ive lost all my links & I'm too niave & grumpy to fix it at the moment .

Hence I feel like going out prodding large asian mammals to make me feel better .