Wednesday, November 29, 2006

...random spare parts.

Finding spare parts in your boat is not a joyous thing.

Mike Goulding found himself with two spare parts in his boat this week.
Credit must go to him for abandoning his second place position in the current 'Velux Five Oceans' RTW race & rescuing fellow British competitor Alex Thompson from his yacht in the face of hurricane winds.
Happy to see this spare part.
A tough break for Alex as his canting keel broke & capsized him in the middle of the southern ocean.

Mikes mast then broke some hours later due to the stress of the weather.
an unwanted spare part.

...and still they race on.

Makes me wonder how in the light of such acts in the name of sport how footballers always win the top sporting awards.


Anonymous said...

Yeah but it's the boat that does all the work, really ;-)

*runs away*

sim said...,
Run fast.