Thursday, August 24, 2006 site eggs

For the health & safety eggecutive.

Health & safety on constrction sites, Im all for it being in place
,but legislation has gone a little far as of late to the point where to work we are suffocated by red tape.

Example :

Health & safety executive (HSE): Sorry chaps, your boys can not work from ladders any more. Very unstable. Not Safe.
The Chaps. : Ok , any suggestions that comply we want to be very safe.
HSE : Oh yes, mobile towers. Push them around, stable platform. Lock the wheels off. Very safe.
The Chaps. : Cool, we'll get rid of all our old ladders & buy shinny new platfroms.


HSE : Whats that your boys are working from now?.
The Chaps : Nice shinny new mobile towers, Very safe. Good aren't they !.
HSE : Erm ...No.
The Chaps : Pardon !
HSE : Have your boys been trained to use them ?, these towers look like scaffolding to me. Gosh very unsafe indeed.
The chaps : No, no. Very safe. Shiny . New. Safe.
HSE : Have you thought about fixing hand rails & kick boards on to them , make them nice & safe?
The Chaps : Erm. No.
HSE : Would you. Very safe. Safe is good.
The Chaps : Ok, then only if it's very, very safe.
HSE : Safe. Yes. Cotton wool, Safe.
The Chaps : Erm, how do our boys climb onto our improved platform now them.
HSE : Hmm. What about a nice ladder ?


Anonymous said...

Yeah we have that at work too, useless H&S beauracracy that follows the letter of the law instead of the spirit.

E.G. at the back of our building there's an access road. There's a bank of trees next to the road which acts as a boundary to the nearby estate. People from the estate walk to work across the road.

Some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to put zebra crossings on the road where people cross. These zebra crossings have no lights, and lead straight into the wooded area, so you can't see anyone waiting to cross.

Result: people THINK they're safer because they've got a nice zebra crossing to cross, but the cars have no chance of seeing them until they step out onto the road. Accident waiting to happen!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Are you going to change your name to Pluton the Ex Planetoid? ;-)