Tuesday, August 01, 2006

...minor set backs.

Well guess what kind of a week this has been so far.

I don't have bad working days often, & Im not going to say few these have been bad.
Frustration is more of a key word.

Im steaming ahead, getting a particularly awkward design sorted out, with a building contractor on my back.
Just about finished when the project architect decides there is going to be a change to all room layouts on two out of three floors.
Throw all my designs away. Start again.
My dead line has not moved reletive to the delay.

My point.
As a potential control freak, I figure bad luck is something you can mostly engineer out of your days if you take the time organise. Then life is good & sweet.
The unforseen outside uncontrollable influences are a total bugger and I cant get my head around them sometimes.

.....am I the only one who lines their spare pencils up, square, neat & tidy on their desk ?


Heartful said...

i do it too, but they never stay that way...

Anonymous said...

I wager your next effort will blow their minds!
Hope you caught my linkage to your fine work over at my place.
If you want, I'll just fly over there and give them the Buford treatment.....

sim said...

Thankyou Tish, but we are talking architects here, & you can't cut off that which they don't have in the first instance.

Miss Cellania said...

I would call that one a MAJOR setback for the snail. And I can't help but laugh!

My desk is ANYTHING but tidy.