Monday, August 07, 2006

...pimp my bug

Captions Please

A silly thing I do every now & then. So...
Please leave a caption, when I have enough I'll choose the silliest & put it on the cartoon.
(I favour the surreal)

(Truth is I started drawing today randomly, & the caption I came up with was not fit for general, public or civilised consumption)


Anonymous said...

"Cabbage White is SO last season."

Anonymous said...

That one's crap, sorry.

I'm intruiged to know what your original caption was. :-)

Hale McKay said...

He flunked flight school, but he can be my wingman anytime!

Anonymous said...

"He's been like this every since he started watching "Miami Ink!"

(that's a tatoo show on Vh1... I think).

what WAs your caption? I don't need to see "G-rated" text all the time! ;)

Anonymous said...

"...and this is where we go undercover to bust those butterfly pimps."

ok, ok ... that's why you're the cartoonist and I'm not! ;)

p.s. Hopped over from Hoss' place. I really like your work!

Amanda B. said...

"Well I guess it's better than the bugs spray ad she's had her eye on."