Tuesday, August 08, 2006

...the professional management team

The Aquaduct.

Architects, can't live with em,..........
Just venting my frustration for building project management.
Note the only sensible solution above, is the practical one, via the engineers. Yay for us.

I started about three cartoons today, finished only the one above.
I will come back to the caption thing on the last blog soon. For now though, sleep beckons.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty good! Love your drawings! Hoppin' over from Hoss' site.
Cheers. I have a lot of artists friends on flickr and feature artists/artists' work from time to time on my site.

Anonymous said...

I think you would do very well in the state of Texas. We tend to have grand ideas for our construction, and then when contracted out to BUFORD and his family, it ends up like your last cartoon.
You are so talented, Sim. Really.

poopie said...

Ain't it the truth?

Shelly McC said...

Just luv this, Luv all your work but this one hits close to home!