Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blissfull day.

Today was one of those rare days when all goes well & your left with the warm satisfied sensation of weary achievment.
My day was spent with a few freinds teaching sailing on one of the local broads (lakes) in Norfolk.
Its was a more than crisp start, it was cold, cold enough to make penguins want to try hibination.

Still, in the dusky morning light, the wind as still & quiet as it could be, we removed the ice from the boats & uncovered them.

Hot tea with freinds on a morning like this holds a certain magic. Huddled in the warm, looking out, musing how the day is going to be planned. Jokes & more tea, enjoying the few moments before you have to go out into the cold again.

On the water at last, the wind picked up to a gentle, cool breeze. The sun came out & the sky cleared to a provide bright crisp day, lots of dancing light relecting off the broad. Relaxed.

It was one of those light days when I try to gentely push my students to doing things they have never tried before. Everything seemed to pay off, they seemed to pick everthing up first or second time and with out fuss. This doesn't happen when I have a group of twenty odd children that all learn at different rates, so it makes such a refreshing change.

I spent lunch with smiling faces. I like that. Better than lunch times at work.

In the afternoon the strange atmosphere arrived that grasps mosts students at one point or another. It is said that there is an unwritten law that any two sailing craft within sight of each other are racing. Well this is what happens, an air of gentle competetivness takes over and although nothing is said, one is always trying to out do the next boat.
This makes me grin. You can watch your students quietly checking out the opposition.

The day drew to a close, the students left happy and giggling, and while closing up the sky went it's pleasent shade of lilac & pale blue with intense firey orange streaming accross the water. A sight to see.

I like days like this, left feeling warm despite the cold.
Life is good.


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