Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stupid games.

One of those slow days stuck in the office when no real work gets done. (Actually one person has nothing to do,so stops everyone else working out of boredom or spite.)
Attention was turned to trying to out do each other as usual. Competitive nature of blokes together I guess.
After boasts & childhood stories, it turned out I'm not the only one to have had fun with weed killer and sugar.
These sessions really can get quite random, trivial & often surreal.
The boys tried to out do each other on the longest song title they could think of and thought they beat me today.
Searching the horrible, dank , murky bits of my memory I came up with 'Queen Alexandra Road is where she said she'd be ,but was she there to meet me? No chance.' , Toy Dolls 1984ish. Can't be beaten?
I was quite proud of this, & a quick Google confirmed my victory. (Thankyou internet, superseeds the guinness book for settlement of arguments.)
Then the usual quick pang of doubt, 'OMG!, Im a wrinkled old bag of memories' followed by 'whats the point of having a head full of meaningless trivia if you can't beat up on the youth'.
I won, yay me.

The favourate word question came out as well, After a while turns out my fav is "Spoon".
Nice & round sound, can be used as an insult too.

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