Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Sea

Now here's an opportunity that does not come around often, Ive just blagged a berth on the Tall ship "Prince William" early next year.
Now this is not normally my scene.
The idea of setting sail and leaving sight of shore is not the most appealing.
Especially in somthing that is only 60 feet long and only displaces a few hundred tonnes.
Why is it always tall ship wrecks they show on the dicovery channel?
Terrefied is also too strong a word, I have more than a healthy, fearful respect for the sea & weather, ( having had bad riptide experience as a child on the North Norfolk coastline.)
Big boats have also never been my thing, they were for big bearded blokes who spoke pipes, start sentences with 'Argh' and frighten small children for fun.
Anyway Iv'e always figured I would only be issued with a keel boat along with my bus pass, the day I have to hand in my racing dinghy and teeth.
However I am going to put my fear, predudice & paranoia behind me and do this.
I'm aiming to see that I can get a involved in the navigation side while onboard.
To date all my nav' experience has been within site of shore and a good Taverna or pub.
I have the unhealthy urge to get a little more techy and plan a little more than where the next bearing is going to be taken from.
Coaching on the Broads in Norfolk means we have little tide to account for, so it has been somthing lacking in my practical knowlege for some time, leaving me feeling a little naive when I've ever got involved in any thing costal based.

The passage is scheduled to leave Southhampton & make route for the Cannaries.
In all my travels I've never been there so they will be interesting to see, but I think it will be the experience of the journey that appeals. I've been confined on small yachts with people before and it has always been oddly pleasurable, once you get over the awkwardnaess of being so close.
I know that Im probably going to hate every uncomfortable moment of the night watch & I can only imagine what the Atlantic in early March can throw at me.
But I hope to gain somthing from the experience. I've set my self the goal of living a little more dangerously now, do stuff outside my comfortable little box.
We Shall see.
I wonder where I can buy a pipe?


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