Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Evil uncle Walt

I know this is an odd thing to be irritated about, but Disney.

Exactly how long does it take a modern Disney cartoon to become a 'Disney Classic'?

Given that there is now a very dull and repetative formulea to producing your standard animated feature and that one sounds and feels very much like any other from the studio it irritates me to see the misuse of the phrase 'Classic' on every single release, but to add injury to insult physicists are now having to refine atomic clock technology to measure the time that it takes one of these turning from 'new release' to 'Classic'.

Snow White, ok time honoured classic.
Bambi, pinochio & Dumbo fine, but Little Mermaid onwards, no, no, no, no, no.

I have a theory this is just a subtle way Disney has of brainwahsing the sleeping public into thinking, 'oh it's a classic, must be good, I purchase a copy'.

Thank goodness for Nick Park , Wallace & Grommet.

Im ranting.....I'll stop thinking trivial thoughts now......this is tea deprivation for you.

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