Thursday, December 08, 2005


Ducks, has any one seen a yellow duck?
Very small chickens are yellow, cygnets are gray, small ducks are grey(and ugly so the urban mith goes).
So why are rubber ducks always yellow?
Rubber ducks are also made of plastic, not rubber.
Should this be reported as breaking the 'Trade descriptions act'?
Who would listen?
Who cares?

Are rubber ducks better than real ducks?
Rubber chickens are better than real chickens.
Can you outstare a rubber duck (see above scribble).
These are questions I feel the scientific community has not fully addressed yet.


Anonymous said...
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sim said...

This is how Ernest Shakleton navigated his small band to safety. Followed rubber ducks migrating north.
If only Captain Scott had found Aminsons rubber penguins.....