Sunday, December 04, 2005

....when chickens bash thier beaks off.

Watching the little darlings run up and down my mums garden, pecking at the ground all day led to this.
I've concluded that the world of free range chickens consists of not much more than swanning around with their bum in the air and banging thier head on the ground,before faling over comatose and repeating the next day. Is this why cockrels wake up screaming ?
Satisfactory lifestyle ?....possibly, but is it not more humane to pack the little fellows in a nice, small, battery cage where they can't self harm?
Looking at it from a chickens' perspective though; you have wings you can't fly away with.
You have feet which frankly aren't going to look good in any shoes.
No hands, so you can't wipe the poo off your feathers.
You periodacally squeeze out an egg twice the size of your pelvis, endure the associated pain only to have your new born taken, fried and placed in a McMuffin.
Repeatedly hitting your head against the ground is starting to sound like the sane option.
Anyway the world of the chicken is a strange place, but the place in my head is getting

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Divine Calm said...

Hitting their heads into the ground does seem logical now that you have explained it.