Monday, December 05, 2005


The pescadores were out on the lake again this weekend.
They sat like statuesque sloths, silent in their dories as the world carried on around them.
Fishermen baffle me. I've concluded from my observation that the point of fishing is to sit as still as possible while toying with the on set of hypothermia. They sit, they don't move, they don't talk. . .You could have fun like this in the freezer section of a morgue with more lively company. Pointless.
When some action finally occurs, a fish is hooked, reeled in. What do they do? Take it home to eat?
Denied it's meal, the fish is thrown it into a net; where it's teased for a bit; before pulling it out, weighing it and taking its picture. I'm sure if a fish wanted all of this it would join weight watchers.
I appear to work with a lot of fisherman. My boss fishes , my colleagues fish, salesmen come into my office that fish. Not sure whether this is some clan I'm not aware of or some conspiracy ring going on under my nose, but safe to say I'm surrounded by them.
Here's the thing, they talk about fishing. Over and over and over and over and over, and it's dull. So ,so dull.
Bearing in mind that most of the actual fishing time is spent in a fridged ,semi comatose state, it baffles me that it is rigorously debated as though it is a true battle to out wit the wiley fish. I lack this insight. Im sure not so the fish thinks to its' self, 'I really fancy a mixture of spam and bread crumbs today' or 'well that's not the right worm, I think I'll starve myself till the right one comes along'. 'Im not eating that its a foot too high in the water'. Its a bloody fish! It eats what's in front of it. No discussion needed. Reality check though HUMAN BRAIN: BIG, FISH BRAIN: SMALL.

I can ignore them along with the train spotters , stamp collectors, football fans and campanologists of the world. However, I've been doing my eco-friendly bit this past few months clearing up the site around my broad at Filby in Norfolk. Filby is one of the lakes in the Broadland area that is recognized by English Nature as a SSSI, (Site of specific scientific interest) and as such is deemed a nature reserve for wintering birds and the like.
As a reserve why do I keep clearing up the waste tackle after these epic fishy battles?

This is how the above scribble came about, I just wish the fish would win once in a while.


Joel Montes said...

I love the images, are they your own?

sim said...

Yes, the product of mis-used lunch hours.

Joel Montes said...

That's great :)

Can you make one with a ham radio theme so I can publish it on my blog? And if I send you a self addressed envelope can you send me the drawing so that I can frame it on my shack?


sim said...

blimey ! , I hav'nt had a request for ages.

Give me a few days and I'll see what I can do.
Im trying to set up a sailing base and get it inspected at the moment so please bear with me.

Joel Montes said...

No problem.

Thanx :D