Sunday, June 25, 2006

...the flickr-ratti

Please let me try to explain this scribble.
In my little home county of Norfolk, England. (No not the USA the original Norfolk) we have a small village situated behind the salt marshes, protected from the ravages of the North Sea called Blakeney.

A very twee little village, flint stone cottages, narrow streets, neat pubs etc.
Draws people in by their thousands in the summer & by their tens in the winter.

What it also has is the salt marshes ,as mentioned, along with all the interesting little creeks and the wildlife that lives therein.

People walk in droves out, through the slatmarshes and along to the next twee village on a little raised track known locally as the 'Carnsa' . They can revel at the border where sea meets land , land turns to mush & mush pongs to high heaven.

Now heres my point.

Along this track, beside the waters edge, half sunken, half exposed is an old rotting hull of a clinker built, wooden crab boat.
It as been there for quite some time decaying peacefully.

One of my Flickr groups has picked up on the fact that : Anyone, without exception, who rambles past this vessle feels compelled to take a photo of it & posts it to the groups pool of photographs.
It is often pointed out , in a pleasent manner I might add, that this is not the most original of photographic compositions.
To this end a whole seperate group was created today just for the boat.
(Well it made me smile.)
I am glad to say that despite having lived there (OK, I was between 3 & 6 at the time) I don't have a propper photo to add to the pool.
Does that make me cool?, Not one of the sheep? or just someone that can't see the photogenics of an object that hundreds see?


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Fine drawing, Sim. But I think even I could have passed up a photo of the hulk. Glad you had the opportunity (to NOT photograph it).

sim said...

Thankyou , its the best thing iv'e ever not photographed.

John Cowart said...

Thanks for the tip; being landlocked, I really enjoyed the photos of the old boat.
To each his own.

sim said...

Ok so after I thought I was being all cleaver & not taking a photo of this this blessed boat, I had a nagging feeling.

Flicking through old, old photo albums what should I find :

I am one of the sheep after all.


sim said...

John , I hope thats not a model of what I think it is your putting in that bottle there !

Heartful said...

Love the drawings...and about the photo. How many people who live in Manhattan have a photo of the Empire State Building do you reckon? That's why we need tourists, they're the ones that take photos of the things we see every day.

sim said...

Theres a thought.

I know why this boat gets photographed so much.
Not because its pretty, not because its famous.

As you walk out onto the marsh its the only close man made object of any real consistancy. You can't help but walk by it.
I my mind this is what makes the place special. Its empty of humans most of the time.