Wednesday, June 28, 2006

...random base jumping.

One of two dubious decisions so far this week.

Sunday and I am cycling the 'quiet lanes'of North Norfolk at random, trying my hardest to get lost with, a packed lunch consisting of a banana and can of cola & my camera for company.
So I decide to check out a bit of coastline I've never been to before & soon find out why.
After I attempt to cycle down the sheer , crumbling cliff face I take a rest on the sea defences & foolishy begin to wonder to myself. Sea defences. Lots of them. Oh, thats quite a high tide line. I wonder, what time does the tide turn?

Tuesday. For the first time in possibly 10 years I step out onto the rugby park and join in with my old clubs summer training session. Boys & girls together. Fortunately this only involves touch tackling, but a lot of running.
It appears I've forgotten the following over my 10 year sabatical :-

a) How to pass a rugby ball.
b) How catch a rugby ball.
c) How to run coherently.
d) How to breathe without wheezing.
e) How to act like the dashing athlete I once was in front of the girls.
f) How much all of this hurt the last time I was so stupid.

I shall go back next Tuesday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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