Monday, June 26, 2006

...the longest garden path.

Harriett didn't remember quite when the overwhelming sensation of underlaying dread started,
but she thought it may have been somewhere along the garden path.

I havn't had a poke at any little furry critters lately, so I thought it was about time. Hampsters are always fair game.
(Honestly , the little dark thoughts in my head only appear on paper, I like little furry things)


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Tip-toe, through the tulips....

Heartful said...

Poor Harriet!! I can't help but like the scared look on her face though.

sim said...

I would like to say she was even more scared when she discovered her new owner was Richard Gere, but that would be pushing things a little far.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you didnt' go there with GERE! AH HAHAHAH.
I was going to say that hamsters and cats have the same use in my world, as we all know (JERKY) but you've topped it with the Gere reference.