Friday, July 28, 2006

...lunar development

Well I got half way through this & changed my mind.
It's great being this fickle.
Then I had two cartoons.
Which one to post?
Well I couldn't decide so this is both of them.

(It's curently too hot to think straight.)


Jane said...

They are both good and both funny but if I had to choose the Brancaster one is my favourite because it's got that bit of extra "silly" which is good

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I went back and forth, back and forth, trying to decide which I liked best. Finally I went for the Brancaster because I have a reader of my b**g who is a lesbian and I try not to offend her.

But, Sim, they are both swell.

Also, I am stealing one of your 101 things about you for my b**g.

P.S. Do you like tea?

sim said...

Hurray,thankyou Jane. Im glad someone else in the world likes silly, Its the one I'm stuck with.

Hoss, steal away & yes now you mention it I do believe I am partial to a spot of tea.

Anonymous said...

I am going with the politically incorrect cartoon and say I LOVE IT.
Plus, I've always wondered what cross dressers would do intergalactically.

Christina said...

I laughed at the Jeremy/Emily one. The other, not so much.

Palace Fan thats a NEW Dad said...

Jeremy / Emily one for me, found your site via Sloth.

Nice site