Monday, July 24, 2006


Bronco & Smithys' last ride out.

I had a request today to draw up a retirement card for one of our fitters.
Usually I would cringe away & find every excuse to say no, but Ive known the chap ever scince I was a wee apprentice boy, so for once was happy to do somthing.

Bronco (The soon to be retired) is the nicest bloke in the world.
He has been bullied & oppressed by his workmate Smithy ever since I can remember.
It's an odd working relations ship , like Laural & Hardy.
The two stay friendly despite Smithy being an arse sometimes.

We shall get all the site operatives to sign I hope.

(Sigh....only 30 more years working for me to go.)


Pam said...

Another wonderful picture. What is your medium, by the way? Do you draw in ink and coloured pencil, or what? I'm so envious of your skills.

sim said...

Thankyou Isabelle.
Moth of my stuff is done with just a bic ball point & the odd coloured pencil.

But Ive taken to using a small marker pen & highlighter pens lately, because I love the contrast in jet black and bright colour, gives a little more depth.

Miss Cellania said...

Do you really think Smithy will sign the card?

sim said...

Yeah, he'll get the joke of it, & sign
We tell him to his face enough thet he a bit of a slave master to it won't come as a supprise.

Pam said...

Wow, just a Bic and some coloured pencils. I've got those. Why can't I draw like that...?

Anonymous said...

You know what -- Old Horsetail Snake would just love love love this drawing!!!!!!
MotherPie Cheers!

Heartful said...

ha ha!!! nice one.