Wednesday, July 05, 2006

...smoke signals

It's not the little electronic hand set that annoys me specifically , it's usually the pink bit attached to it.
Im one of those small band of (arrogant) people that refuse to own a mobile phone.
Im not sure whether its cool to admit to never having 'texted' anyone, if it isn't, then I'm happy in my deluded state of un-coolness.

10 modern appliences I don't own and am happy about.

01) The mobile phone. (Rotten things spoil peoples lives, never allowing them any time to themselves. Always in contact .Can't leave home without one. Sod that. Its worse than being addicted to crack)
02) A land line telephone. (If people want to get hold of me badly enough, they find a way.)
03) A television. (OK I do confess to watching my dear old mums telly on the odd occasion. News, political discussions ,topical debates, current affairs & rank animal porn only though !.)
04) Satalite navigation. (Why? I own a map & live on an island. If I drive too far I just get wet).
05) Palm top computer. (Pointless. All the functions of a diary with added stress.)
06) In car CD player. (Just too lazy to fit one, & digtal radios ,don't get me on that topic)
07) Playstation/Xbox. (Just too tight to spend the cash, too much of a life to use one)
08) Air conditioning. (I wait all year for it to get toasty & warm, Why then sit around in tepid, recyclyed unfiltered air while wasteing energy hand over fist.)
09) A watch. (lifes too short) (Oh crap, i've just remembered, Ive got one attached to my sailing kit).
10) Electric toothbrush. (The lazyness astounds me).

I shall now go back & sit in my field with the turnips and wave my fist, ranting at the modern world. Bah.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, I confess I have 4 of the 10. But I DO NOT HAVE the ability to draw crafty cartoons like that.

sim said...

Ah, well. I have a little machine that does the cartooning for me.

Hoss, Im betting your 4 out of 10 inlude the X-box, sat nav, palm top organiser & toothbrush. Im betting theres a vibrating chair & lava lamp somwhere in the playboy mansion also.

Tillerman said...

Geeze - I thought I was an old fart totally out of touch with techie stuff but even I have 6 out of 10.

Miss Cellania said...

I have three of those ten. A cellphone that never rings, but I need to keep up with the kids. A VT, but I never watch it (the kids do occasionally), and air conditioning. I don't know where you are, but here in The South, we're a bit dependent on that.

sim said...

Oh please don't get me wrong , im not a technophobe , quite the opposite.
It's just I get frustrated with my percieved pointlessness of items of technology & more specifically its over use and societies dependence.

& Cellania, Here in England it rains. A lot. We are surrounded by a large puddle we like to call the Atlantic. Most of that water is run off from England.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I have 7 of these and probably three others I dare not describe.
I would text your mobile but.....

Heartful said...

Wow! So do people come pounding on your door when they can't get hold of you?