Sunday, February 05, 2006

...Albion vs Cwymr

It's the time of year when I can justifiably become nationalistic & bigoted toward he Galic, Latino & Celtic nations.
This is mostly hot air, bluff & bravado & lasts exactly six weeks. This is then proceeded by a) three further weeks of gloating & strutting, or b) Sulking.
I shall then return to my entirely liberal laid back self.

A little history. Anglo/Welsh relationships.
I suppose King Edward the was the first major Englishman to play havoc in a big way with the Welsh nation.
Ravaging the land & building a large dominating chain of castles along the Welsh boarders and coast line in the late 13th & early 14 th century with which to keep the people in check under the rule of England.
(That's Edward the 1st, not the variety of potatoe. I believe that was a latter King.).
And that's how the state of affairs have effectively stood ever since.
Ok the English pretty much enslaved the smaller Welsh nation forcing them to dig out their coal to fashion our industrial revolution & in turn the Welsh burned a few English houses down during the late 70's. Other than this we've been on reasonable civil terms since.

125 years ago a competition was held between the two rival nations.
A gentle competition in the nobel sport of Rugby Football.
As the trend goes the English once again gave the Welsh a sound and, in my bias opinion, a well deserved thrashing.
This was overdue mainly because the English invented the graceful game and secondly for the Welsh being such impertinent little upstarts. Tut tut.
125 years later, today in fact, & the English continued the tradition allowing the Welsh to go home with faces as crimson as colour of their blouses (sorry, I meant shirts). Left to contemplate another defeat.
To give the Welsh their dues, to date they have done very well , winning 50 of the 102 encounters with the English since the first. We even let them go home with a little tin pot last year, just to keep them happy
But let it be known that the proper statistic to be counted is Invations England : several Wales: Nil

That said , I enjoyed watching the first two games of the Six Nations Rugby today. Poor, unlucky Italians, Very luck Irish 26 to 16 & the Bully boy English thrashing the lovely Boy Welsh 47 to 13.
Roll on Tomorrow, this will be the only time in the year I will cheer for the Scots as they take on the rotten French. (Boo)

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