Thursday, February 09, 2006

...Hear no evil ,see no evil, speak no evil.

I am aware that I am a cynic, not proud of it, but I have a lot of fuel to feed my cynicism.
Working alongside people that preach honesty & co-operation does not help this condition as you pull the daggers from your back.
Hold on, am I confusing this with bitterness.
Which ever, bitterness feeds the cynicism & makes you increasingly bitter.
Can you tell I've had a rotten day ? Mood = black & brooding.
It involved an architect going back on his already questionable word & a building contractor being to week willed to counter act..
My only compensation is that I relished in the writing of a highly contractural letter, backed up with their own correspondence & fact stating the obvious.


sim said...

I should have realy added to this that this week my lovely pink 4X4 broke down so I've been back on the bike.
No problem.
This morning I was greeted with a biting cold wind & a covering snow.
No problem.
On the way home after my black day I was greeted with a biting, cold, strong, wind, wet roads & horizontal sleet.

Anonymous said...

EWWWWWW! I hate backstabbing assholes, especially the corporate variety. Sorry you had a bad day.