Friday, February 10, 2006


Back to my happy self again.
Today was one of the times I was grinning as I drew.
The chaps & chapettes in the office see me scribble out my doodles at lunch times.
Somtimes I get comments, today I got boo-ed. Result !.
The way I do these is generally just to draw at randomly & the add a caption afterward.
Today I knew the caption.
I don't do McDonnalds as a rule, but have always wondered, in my tangental way, what exactly is so Happy about the kiddies Happy Meal menu.
The happy doesn't totally apply to the kids. Yes they get some food & a little toy.
I realise it's a parental way of giving them selves a rest, a moments happiness.
Now I know.
This is not how a bear see Happy Meal time though.


cyclic said...

Absolutely perfect... Where is the "Add to Favorites" button on this thing anyway?

sim said...

The what now,
It wasn't envisaged.
But thankyou.
This is one a few of my scribbles that makes me happy.