Wednesday, February 01, 2006

...Worker bees.

So we get the news that my firm are possibly moving premesis.
This is annoying because I live 5 minuites from work, and do enjoy the extra curling up warm in bed time in the mornings. It will also mean I have to spend time in traffic if we move. Not a pleasent thought.
Iv'e always told my self I would give it all up one day and become a postman, looks like that time may be approaching.

10 things I like about my job.

1) It's social
2) I get to survey places most of the public never see.
3) The work changes every day.
4) I take some pride in being self taught.
5) I dont really answer to anyone.
6) I have a huge space to spead out in. Nice, big ,clean workspace.
7) I enjoy having apprentices to teach.
8) The boss is pretty cool & easy going.
9) There is free tea on tap.
10) I just enjoy what I do.

10 things I don't like about my job.

1) Its social
2) I have to survey some places the public would not touch with a shitty stick.
3) I havent a clue what I'm doing one day to the next.
4) Im dangerously under qualified.
5) I have no peer guidence. So I meander at random.
6) I tend to loose stuff in the vastness of my workspace adding to the confusion.
7) The apprentices are little bastards & can be taught nothing without a stiff beating.
8) When the boss hasn't snuck off fishing , he wanders around in a semi-conscious daze.
9) I drink so much free tea in a day, when I go on holiday I require caffine replacement therapy.
10 I delude myself that I enjoy what I do.

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