Monday, February 27, 2006


Im having an odd week.
Having spent last week off work with a man cold & I am now sorting out the devistation of leaving people in charge of my work projects. I now have to put all my work affairs in place so that I can go on holiday & leave things to smolder without any external interference complicating matters.
The usual end of February rush , getting my car M.O.T.ed, taxed and insured has been thrown into disarray.
I get a pleasent buzz when procrastinating about things I have to do, seeing how long I dare leave them before I panic & rush round like an idiot organizing.
Well this year Ive avoided this little panic by deciding to give my lovely pink 4x4 to my niece & buying a new car.
The new one has no character & gives me no pleasure, but is a vital evil.
So to get my procrastination buzz Ive resorted to leaving all the details for my next trip to the last moment.

Trip starts this time next week.
Things organized.
Cash : No
Suitible clothing : No
Specialist equipment : No
Time spent getting to know my new camera : No
Medical cover : No
New passport : Yes.
Travel arrangements to get to the airport on time : No
Done any thing at all : No

Work organised so no-one need touch it : No

I spend an inordinate amount of time doing stuff while avoiding doing stuff I know I should be doing. In the mean time while not doing the stuff I should be doing I fret about not doing it & to take my mind off of it do somthing else instead.

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