Wednesday, February 22, 2006


You can tell from the colour of the paper that this is an old sketch. I reckon about 10 years old.
That would be about the time when I was windsurfing with my freinds, before they got all selfish & went & got married , had kids , carreers, stuff in thier fridges that wasn't beer, etc..
Anyway , this brings back memories for me, because this is pretty much how I spent my time on a board, upside down, cold, wet & inspecting the fishes.
It also reminds I had my second go at hypothermia while windsurfing (Not saying what the first was ,but the chaps from my rugby club don't let me forget)

What's lead me to post an old sketch ? Somthing my Mother did last week. Not quiet sure whether she did it to frighten the crap out of her self or to stop & make me think a little.
Probably niether, but both these ends were achieved. This is it.
I don't have a TV. So she videoed a programme she genuinely thought I would be interested in seeing. Good old Ma.
The programme was to do with the 1979 Fastnet offshore race held between Southhampton & Fastnet rock off of Ireland.
Let me correct that, the fatal 1979 fastnet race in which out of 300 boats only 80 odd finished, the Fastnet 'round the rock race' that was hit by the storm of the century as it moved across the Atlantic from North America to Ireland.
The Fastnet race that claimed 15 lives over one night.
Ok all very good, Good documentory. All very interesting, makes me sit and think about the stupid stuff Ive done & how I try to avoid doing such things now in my (Cough) maturity.
But it begs the question why would she show me this a week and a half before I set off into the Atlantic ! In cold & windy March.
Was this a subtle way of telling me to be cautious. I think I taught myself that lesson at hypothermia No 2. She needn't worry.

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