Friday, March 17, 2006

...being as filthy as a Frenchman

Strange I'm still shattered from my trip, fell asleep at lunch yesterday.
So this the first scribble since I got back.
Based on the phrase after washing, "to be less French".
This is how I felt after my return Journey.
The Journey started like so.

4:00 am Finish my final Watch on board & go to sleep.
6:10 am. Wake & make ready for an early breakfast.
7:00 am Breakfast.
7:45 am Clean , bunks boat & any thing that doesn't move.
9:00 am Sign off as part of ships crew.
9:30 am Bus arives & we make our way to the Airport for our two hour wait prior to take off.
11:30 am Departures lounge. Waiting. (bored)
12:15 Pm Take off.
4:15 Pm Land in Gatwick & mince about through baggage retrieval, passports, customs, (grumpy & hungry)
5:00 Pm Make way to the Trains for the Journey accross London. Oh Joy its Rush hour & I have 20KG of sailing kit in a large and cumbersome bag. (More grumpy , still hungry)
5:40 Pm Get onto the Tube at Victoria Station, Miss three trains because I can't get my bag on. Too crowded. Grr. (Very grumpy, Hungry , hot & greasy). Ticket machine won't accept my ticket. (mild anoyance)
6:30 Pm Finaly arrive at Arnos Grove in North London, Ticket machine still playing up. (annoyed, hungry, hot & greasy)
6:45 Pm After the mile walk to my brothers house to pick up my car. Very heavy bag digging into me. Its cold outside, It's dark & It rains. (Cold, wet, very grumpy, greasy & hungry)
7:00 Pm Arrive at my brothers. Finaly a cup of tea. Happiness spreads. Heating has broken so is 23+ degrees in the house. Now very hot & clammy. (Mildly grumpy, too hot, still moist,greasy,tired, still hungry but a little better for tea.).
7:30 Pm Head off for home. Window wiper has been broken on the car and it's still raining. (grumpiness levels rising again). Enjoy the drive through London traffic, navigating through the rain , at speed, buggerd wiper. Miss my exit and have to carry on round the North Circular. Grr.
8:10 Pm Final get on the correct road & start to head for home. Now this is where the Journey starts to get interesting for me. Only 120 or so miles left to go. Iv'e been on a boat for seven days & the whole world is still moving up and down & side to side as I sit still. Im tired & find myself. Nodding off, shaking my head to keep awake. Driving down the motorway I can feel my self following the world as it sways around me. The car gently swerving from side to side as if im drunk. Time to stop. (emotionless, tired, hungry, greasy, starting to feel as filthy as a Frenchman.)
10:40 Pm Arrive home. Push the Door open against the weight of Junk Mail. My Insurance company has writen to me to inform me they have cancelled my car insurance. Joy. Throw every thing in a pile & go to bed.
6:30 Am Crawl out of bed & go to work. (Numb, still hungry, still tired world still undulating).

I like travelling.

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