Monday, March 27, 2006

...cultural exchanges.

Language barriers from the point of view of us English are there mostly due to attitude & laziness.
The little island off the coast of England (Europe that is) tend to learn English as a secondary language from an early age. So most of our chaps don't bother with another tounge or are arrogant enough to think they should not need to bother.

My problem with it is different, I am not fluent , but have enough Spanish to get me by, but Im to embarrased to use it for fear of making an total ass of my self. Could this be the real cultural barrier. Just being a stiff Englishman?

I refuse to try to speak French though, because it has the potential to annoy them if I don't.


littledevilworks said...

The return of sheep in red shoes... yeah!

sim said...

...and now exchange penguins in red boots.
When in Wales, do as the sheep do.

Tisha from Texas said...

I refuse to speak Northern, Yankee, or French myself. It takes a true southern girl to stick to her redneck roots.
So it goes. I speak enough Spanish to order meals, beer, and ask if I have large ta tas. HA HA.
Anyway, hope all is well over there.
And remember, I am NOT at the blogger addy
PS I am harder on myself so nobody beats me to the punch (referencing your reply on my first comment.)
See ya 'round like a donut.