Friday, March 03, 2006


looking back through really old cartoons I found that I have re-occuring themes.
Ive discovered that :

a) Apparently I don't like sheep or kittens.
b) There are no women in my cartoons, which is very odd.
c) I appear to find the pineapple a comedy item. (See above if you can read the tiny writing)
d) I seem to like things that explode. (Possibly the fire pixie in me)

I know I draw things at random, but looking back even I can't explain some of the obscure & surreal lines of thought I had at the time of drawing.
Some of the things upset my moral standing, which is probably why they amuse me.
I don't intend to offend I just offend with my intent.

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Heartful said...

Wow, interesting revelations. It's a good exercise I think, to go back and look at what you've been doing. Is anything ever really random?