Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Wth ! ,
I installed one of these statistics things out of interest and have become fascinated by it.
Since I started this blogging lark at the begining of the year iv'e have a dribble of people passing through, not leaving comments or sadly any abuse, being offended and leaving promptly.
Until this weekend when suddenly I get hit 50 times in one day.
What on earth prompted that I dont know.

Its interesting a number of popular blogs appear to be cartoon based, be it mostly politically founded.
I wonder what it is that catches peoples eye as they randomly zip through blogs.

Anyway Im happy to say that on the Truthlaidbears' scale of things Ive evolved from an 'Insignificant microbe' to a 'Multicellular microorganisum'

Does this mean I'll have to start thinking for myself at some point in the future.?


Tisha from Texas said...

I take full responsibility for this.... If you weren't so darned talented, or English, or adorable, no one would visit.
Get used to it, I say. People need your humor.

sim said...

Oh, I think that my humour would be a bad thing to fully unleash on the world.
Some of my freinds, whom know me well, still look at me a little agog with some of the things I say in jest.

The blog is a way to release the pressure of some of the darker stuff, before I go back to a new season of teaching the kids.
Once the brain is clear & back to being full of kittens , flowers , puppies & candy it should stop me swearing at the little darlings when they do dangerous things.