Friday, March 24, 2006

...evil clowns

All clowns are evil, without exception.
Name one that isn't.


Tisha from Texas said...

Um, can I tell you in the nicest way that you ROCK!!!! Love your work. Found you at steegebeetle's place, and now I must blogroll you on my own pitiful attempt at written humor. American at that. SOUTHERN redneck humor, not appealing to such talent as yourself.
anyway, I don't use the blogger blog anymore, so the real blog addy is
Ciao, see ya, and well done!!!

Pam said...

Yes, I'd just like to add that I've been looking at your wonderful cartoons for a few weeks now. They're really good! I'm amazed that someone who's not a professional artist can draw so well. I wish I could!

sim said...

Thankyou both very much.

I dont know how to do the written version of a blush to take it as read i'm red.

Tisha , don't be so quick to put your self down.