Friday, March 31, 2006

...port hand Bill

I had a little experiment today.
My scribbles are becoming a little too polished for my liking, what with adding colour & finishing off slogans on the PC. (If you could see some of the stuff I drew when I was 16, you would notice its all b&w rough and angular.)

So I had a go at drawing with my left hand today to see if I could get a little rawness back into the lines.

Im fairly happy with the result if not the subject.
I seem to press harder with my left hand, so get more defined lines and colours .
Scanning cuts out half the pastle pencil shades I put on paper, so it does not do me too many favours.

I used to be far better at hand writing too, but it gives the text a nice childish quality I like.

I might try this more often.


Tisha from Texas said...

Um, I am left handed, what are you saying?
DID YOU JUST CALL ME A FREAK WITH NO TALENT??? Oh, sorry, that's the other voice in my head. ha ha
Speaking for the southpaws of the world, we have just as hard of a time using the right hand, watching YOU use the right hand, etc as you so-called normal people do watching us.
Truly I say this: left handed people are the most discriminated people in THE ENTIRE WORLD. And I am not just saying this to spark a class action lawsuit for billions of dollars....oh, wait, maybe I AM!!!
Hope all is well.
PS You should open this blog up to people that don't use Blogger. For what it's worth. What the hell, I am left handed, what do I know???

sim said...

Open in up to non bloggers ?,
Hows that work then?

Pam said...

Wow. I am so jealous at your drawing ability. You can draw so much better with your left hand than I can with my right - and I'm right-handed. I love poor Billy's expression, too. Are you trained, or just naturally talented?

sim said...

Thankyou, Ill do the typical, annoying English thing here and say neither.

Damaging you wrist on the rugby field sort of forces you to learn to use both hands.
Damaging arms , shoulders & collar bones just allows you to practice.

My biggest talent is that Ive been doing this on and off for (eek !) 22 years now and can still enjoy just drawing with no purpose, guidline or reason to restrict me.

sim said...

Oh tisha, Im not calling lefties freaks, I reserve that title for red heads alone, who should be the 'most discriminated people in THE ENTIRE WORLD'

Lefties being the most paranoid, Although 'lefy' is such a squalid way to decribe the awkwardly challanged amongst us. We prefer 'cachanded' over the pond here.
It has the correct balance of descriptivley getting the point across & offensiveness required.

This is the entire scope of my bigotry.


Heartful said...

What a good idea, helps you get out of ruts and old habits, and your drawing is great!

Not sure where Tisha got the inference of insult from, I read through your posting several times and didn't notice you call anyone a freak with no talent, and if you did, you'd probably only really be directing it towards your own good self, as you are self-depreciating (love that! :), as stated in your 100 things about me list).

Tisha from Texas said...

To answer your question about the non-blogger comments: go to your template area, click on comments, and there should be a place to choose for all comments. Or go to your Blogger Dashboard, FAQ, comments.
No ends the Tish Blogger seminar. Feel free to talk about me in the most glowing terms. No really, FEEL FREE. HA HA.

sim said...

Right, Ok here goes,

Tisha, I bow to your extensive and sumptuous insights of blogger.
I am but a worm crawling at the root of your knowledge tree, fumbling in the dark cast by the shadow of its extensive and abundant canopy.
Grabbing at motes of light you've allowed to shine down upon me through this dense foliage.
I am in debt , I am humbled.
I am not worthy. I thank you.

How glowing is that?

Tammy , I think Tisha was joking.
If she wasn't , then she a talentless leftie freak !


sim said...

BTW thank you all for you commentry

Anonymous said...

I LOVE a man that grovels... Yes, I was kidding, Miss Tammy, that's how we address new people here in the South. Don't want to get off on the wrong foot, so to speak.
Sim, I think I adore you.
Email me if you have any blog questions anytime.
I think I shall showcase your blog on mine soon. Just to send you all sorts of traffic, and a new stalker or two....

Anonymous said...

I agree with isabelle. I am depressed now that you can draw so well with even your left hand. I reckon you could draw better with your foot then I could with BOTH hands. :)))

Heartful said...

Ahhhh! Ok, I feel a little foolish now. But am glad everyone's happy :)

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