Thursday, January 26, 2006


Arg.. text is too small, it says...

"Unit #06zu wins the robot gurning contest.

I like the concept of robots doing somthing as pointless & trivial as gurning


Anonymous said...

Well ya just learn somethin' new ev'r day, don't ya? :)

sim said...

Oh I don't know, I learn very little.

No really , its a problem.

Laura said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeze... thanks for the archane humor to brighten my Monday :-)

Saw a story about gurning years ago, and my family had endless fun making faces after that, trying to compete for "Best Gurn".

(Have I mentioned I'm addicted to uselss bits of knowledge and trivia?? Guess I don't need to now.)

Laura said...

Waaaaaaaahahaha... I thought I was the only one who knew about gurning!!

Saw a story about it on a tv show many moons ago, and my family and I had endless fun making faces.

Thanks for the archaic humor on a Monday :-)